Poetics: an odd old poem by Menzi Maseko

Love lore and ritual

A song for the tea farmers, drinkers and the earth that provides it

His breath was lavender
After a heavy nights rain
Voice like the fresh breathing of earth after the thunder
A sweet here- after
A moment when the now is known
The past remembered and the future ingrown
There is a song about the art of tea,
tealeaf and wind-drift
The air is filled with the sound of kora,
mbira and voice
Red golden green ornaments are acoustically
blessing the morning
Church bells and hallelujah Psalms
Capitalism, Nature Socialism
all in line for a piece of Devils Pie
As world peace remains a dream deferred
My space, my music, my nation, my world, my work, my story
All myths and legends
Illusions who cannot tell the front from their own back
Because whatever man makes he can never take back
Until he returns again
To a Earth rained on with unpolluted waters
Seas with great life swimming and
roaming its deep
Love removed from the shackles of competition and vice
And even men of science realize that
they’ve become a little lower than mice
But this lavender tea sure is nice!

Published by greenankhworks

Life, Health, Prosperity I write; I Love and I Share Abundantly Township born, Galactic spawn

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