Expendable Lives ?

Yesterday I attended a presentation at the AIDS 2016 conference in Durban. Out of the numerous stalls and platforms that had delegates from around the world showcasing their work within the HIV/AIDS ‘industry’, there was just one that really grabbed my attention. The young Afrikan-Americans calling themselves: Tacoma Action Collective.

These highly articulate and passionate young people were elaborating on their campaign called #StopErasingBlackPeople / Social Protest in a Silent Crisis. Their focus was on Art& Activism; Social Media&Social Justice; Social Justice and Prevention; Grassroots Organising.

I walked in as Chris, who describes himself as a Grassroots activist, ( All four of them describe themselves as such) was presenting about the Black peoples representation at some famous civic and arts spaces. It sounded like a confluence of black radical politics, social justice and artistic impressions on the silencing or ignoring of black people.

Jaleesa then presented on how Chris’s art was the only work that represented Black people at some famous exhibition. ..

I think there is a lot of inter-sections between the movement I belong to, the Black First Land First and the Tacoma Action Collective. Hopefully, we can meet today and speak further and see where we can work collectively across continental divides.

Essentially, it is clear that Black people are facing similar challenges at every aspect of our lives. We are expendables and white supremacy and capitalism treats us as collateral …

This shall be continued. . .

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