Kemetic Science: Ma’at and Your Emotions

According to one Master Teacher Ra Un Nefer Amen of Kemetic Spiritual Science ( Ausar Auset Society), there is nothing mysterious or mystical about metaphysics. It is all purely a matter of energy-in motion, also known as e-motions.WingedIsis

“The truly metaphysical forces that operate directly on physical matter and events are none other than our emotions. ‘energy is defined as the capacity to do work, or to alter the state or position of a thing or event. Essential, then to the definition of energy, is motion.

Alteration can only take place through movement; and that is what e-motions do. What we have to understand here, is that our emotions are not limited to moving us to speak and take physical actions, but they can act directly in the world independently of our physical vehicle. This is due to – that they are physical energies; this is why we can feel them as our feelings. Yes! What we call our emotions are expressions of the same energies that operate in the entire universe…” – p66

He later adds:

“Emotions play such a major part in people’s lives – more negative then positive, that you would think that the powers that be in the world would institute educational programs to teach the populace to properly understand and handle them.

The ancient Egyptians/Kamau/Kemetens answered to this question over five thousand years ago or more. SInce man’s evolutionary goal is to become a God man/woman on earth, who is a liberated being, then man must make an ALL OUT EMOTIONAL COMMITMENT to the realization of this goal.

It is a 100% emotional commitment to becoming a being that is free of emotional compulsions, a being that is able to be at peace in the face of the greatest imaginable challenges.

In KMT it is portrayed as Auset’s devotion to resurrecting Ausar. The divine Self in man that was murdered by Set.”




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