Ode to Genius: a poem for bhekumuzi hyacinth mseleku

For Bhekumuzi Hyacinth Mseleku, a Jazz poem

By Menzi Maseko aka Sankaras Chalice aka Katonda Lisa Mwari


There is evidence of Light

On the horizon hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm mmhmm!

Faith is beautiful but Truth

We can depend on …again and again, again and again!

From the Source of Life we came …

We had Soul music before we even had names


But then we drifted

We were all so gifted

And we drifted ….

Further from the Source …Farther the Source

Further from the Source …Farther from the Source


Until God sent Trane / steaming across the path left by Bird

Of Paradice / Until Sonini-nanini sent Mankunku

Men of blood, spirit and brass echoing the ululations of Princess Magogo

Until the Gods sent us Hyacinth

Divine Royal Purple Flower

Seeded from the Timelessness of Stars

That die but never fade

We are Ankh’s …UMlenzemunye KaNsondo OnguSimakade

 Ankaa the Phoenix star

We are the eternal flame

Transcendental omnipotent are our names

SibhekuMuzi WeThongo ekuphileni nasekufeni

Njengendoda Yasemandulo Eyacamel’etsheni Yaboniswa Izithunywa Eladini Zehla zenyuka Kuhle Kwenyanda YeZulu …

We are the 12 bar blues people …we are the blues

All our Zulu names are codes and symbols and hues

Notes, nodes and half notes

Colours on the kaleidoscope Mind of God

Tones of Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red

Are hints of the Old folks prayers strung like ribbons on the deathless branches of the Tree of Life

Tears of old folks who bled

To wash their wounds in the sacred lakes

While their exiled voices murmur in the deep

Carrying memories of blood-rivers –

Our names are echoes of the winds of Truths crushed to the ground

Now sprouting strange fruits

The fruits of freedoms prayed for but half attained …

We are the Blues people …

Azanian people so beloved of the Gods

And our music is the memory of half remembered Wisdom

Telling us …

“Vukani Bantwana Ilanga Liphumile Kusile …

Wake Up Children The Sun Is Risen it’s a New day …”

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