Poetics:Rantings from Rock n’ Rule : upcoming book kaMenzi Maseko

Additional Poems for Rock ‘n Rule Book

Rocks, Rules and Righteous Rantings

 …Still got my dread crown on Papa was rolling stoned/Ancestral blasphemy will not be condoned …The ancient future is here / the howlin’ how long blues might just up n disappear / we found a way to outmaneuver the fear …But we still asking what’s wrong Ms Simone …
Mississippi to Soweto Kwa-Mashu Marikana Rwanda to Brazil Alabama God damn
I just woke up from a lucid dream a fiery gospel blues sermon from Old Nina Simone
The whole church/beer-hall was in a frenzy the only unrepentant was the politicians/ pigs and askaris /taking selfies shuffering and shmiling while the Goddess sang I Shall Be Released …
….Been running from the whiteness since 7 years old
Now i m the 7th Sun of a Thrice Great God
Betrayed on the Southern cross for telling my people rebel and Unlearn
if God is not within us let me crash or burn
Lets be done with the running
but we still on that rat race …
Where it takes selling out to keep apace / too black u might lose your place / on the masters last supper table …

But i can hear the Soul Trane
coming forth by day just to bring my Ba home / I can hear that Coltrane n Mankunku coming for to carry me home


Reed River Rap

Running on tracks waving n weaving like we dodging bullets
or the thought police / or walking while black modern day willy lynchin’
Underground Railroad no dipping and dapping we field negro escape artistes
Heart is just a drum / on c major a minor stacatto arrangement polyphonic 12 bar blues
Think of Tubman necessary by any means thru muddy waters
we follow Dirty Harriet
Thru thick through thin
Blood in blood out dont bury the hatchet
Til we reach freedom lands
where our children’s Blues turn a violet shade of Indigo …really doe’
Tales of the hunted are finally told / we the final half that has ne’er been sold / Watch the triple throne if your dome can unfold
The details are stolen from the devil Gods sons have Landed …black n tan fantasy diggin’ Duke Ellings-tone

Burn Chalice rid the world of Malice
Chalwa sweet but it ain’t no liqueurice

….When we eat the fruits we sow in due seasons
Between the Land and we
No charge of treason
When we get to the place of Flow …Peace with Justice coupled with sufficient doses of Equal Rights
Then the Pen n Untamed mind would cease to be weapon
of Mass confusion? derision and Deconstruction
We would have found a better occupation
Our poetry would resemble Songs of Freedom ..


Land Love and Sandalwood

When our wits returned from being out at Sea
When we Learned to Love ourselves and did away with scandalwood and bollywood caste dreams
Once we had learned to once more
measure our schemes
According to Mother Natures whims …


Not picture perfect We Magic
Ultra Realistic


So dem a wonder
How Him aka Creator
Also known as Ankh El Green UMalume kaNandi, Kwenza benoJoshua
Nyahbinghi Warrior Priest
and King / Magic Realist they use to call him Ras Levi aka LevitiKush
Revolutionary Chalice Legalizer …

RIP Mambush
Sisonke in this Struggle over Trees and Truths and Rights to Global Commons …

Commodified defied Dignity of Working for A Living Wage / or living to die for the pay
But better than a wage we wage Thought Revolutions for A Grander New Way / a Righteousness Consciousness
When we all work the Earth
Love and Live so intensely We wont need to Get Paid
Turn weapons of destructions to Amageja and Fruitful Gains
Work these hills thousand valleys and planes
Reach Higher Plateaus* thru examples of Excellence we set our Selves


I and I and I praise a Living Loving God
Known by many Splendid Names
Including: Power of the Sacred Trinity
The Thrice Great
The Wonderful Councillor
The Life Giver
UMdali …




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