Cool School Blues

I grew up listening to Michael Franks; Phil Collins; Fela Kuti and Peter Tosh. Some of the vinyl records my father and uncles collected, swapped and would occassionally discuss over cooldrinks and loud robust broken English, made me the way I am today.

I am now a father of three boys, using the music of Herbie Hancock, Tete Mambisa, Alice Coltrane and Cinematic Orchestra to put the hyperactive little wailers to sleep …(tbc)

-add Michael Franks; Stimela and Cindi Lauper and expand on the beautiful yet always contested cultural diversity inherent in music.

Take from Michael Franks, The Art of Tea; Rendezvous in Brasil and Stimela’s Highlnd Drifter* …

– Fela Kuti’s Let’s Start intro: “You Afrikans please listen to me as Afrikans, you non-Afrikans listen to me with an opem mind.”

Published by greenankhworks

Revolutionary Lover of Green Ankhs, Ma'at, Poetry, Justice and Social Music

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