A deeper shade of blue : After listening to Dalisu Ndlazi

I wanted to title this write up/ essay/ poetic ode to the sound of jazz*, Injulo or eyenjulo.  Injulo is an IsiZulu word denoting something that Deepens or causes deep introspection or contemplation. Although the performative or presentation aspect of the music known as jazz appears as just another genre of the wide variety of music styles availableContinue reading “A deeper shade of blue : After listening to Dalisu Ndlazi”

They call It jazz

They call it jazz but this music is much bigger and broader than any definitions. Miles Davis called it Social Music, Nicholas Payton calls it BAM (black american music) but the closest description has to be Wayne Shorter’s “I Dare You” music. Call It what we may, this phenomenon known as jazz is fun, intricate,Continue reading “They call It jazz”

justice delayed is justice denied

We are not politicians but activists, revolutionaries if you may. Our primary concern is the eradication of racist white supremacist hegemony over our lives. In order to address the historical injustices, we have to call spades spades and leave no stones unturned. Black people have been denied their place at the table of humanity forContinue reading “justice delayed is justice denied”

systems analysis 1: is political governance still necessary?

It was not I, but the world’s beloved Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who once said that the Freedom Charter*, was not a blueprint for a socialist state. He also added that “dispossession of ‘white mining kings’ and ‘land barons’ would, instead of leading to socialism, ‘open …fields for …a prosperous non-European bourgeois class’, where for theContinue reading “systems analysis 1: is political governance still necessary?”

2 Poems by Shakeema Smalls — THE FEM

rape kit “(The hung juror) said no one was hurt and that it would be different if the victim were found in the river with her throat slit,” (Morgan Myers, Sun Gazette, November 6th, 2013) FIND: hysterectomy, or annulment camel toe. menthols. kool moe dee sweatshirt lap scarf cover charge for The Scars He Left […]Continue reading “2 Poems by Shakeema Smalls — THE FEM”

Poetic Vision: Nowadays …

nowadays we harvest acid rain because the soil is sold to the highest bidder and even the artificially sweetened fruits have gone bitter the crop is owned by a handful of voracious all consuming families white men in white suits who have never smelled the ground or listened to its groaning nowadays we harvest acidContinue reading “Poetic Vision: Nowadays …”

‘It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe’: Canadian academics share their favourite Bob Dylan verses — National Post – Top Stories

For decades, scholars have dissected Bob Dylan’s boundary-pushing lyrics in countless books and articles. Among those celebrating the American singer-songwriter’s Nobel Prize in Literature win was Stephen Scobie, a professor emeritus of English at the University of Victoria, who penned a letter in support of Dylan’s nomination 19 years ago. “I have always cherished Dylan’s… viaContinue reading “‘It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe’: Canadian academics share their favourite Bob Dylan verses — National Post – Top Stories”

Help Print and Distribute This Great Book – Rock ‘n Rule

Rock ‘n Rule: The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko is an elaborate work of word-art.With themes ranging from jazz, Black Consciousness philosophy, Reflections on Socio-Economic conditions and solutions for Southern Africa and Spiritual development. The work is suitable for people of all races, age groups and even institutions interested in understanding the dynamicContinue reading “Help Print and Distribute This Great Book – Rock ‘n Rule”

Poems of Persistence

If they give you ruled paper write the other way-Juan Ramón Jiménez

Sonia G Poetry Bandit

Stealing the words that float upon the air of silence that reflect upon me


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