Designer Lives

DSC_0461What does Artistry mean to you?
You are without a doubt an Artist too, didn’t you know?
Does Design and Creativity ever feature in your daily thoughts?
Are you a deliberate and focused person creating the world around you or influence or part-take in its shaping or are you just a spectator?

Art is happening at many levels, from the conscious to the sub-conscious.
Everything is laden with images, design and the ingenuity of Nature, Human-kind or even Deity. Since everything has its purpose, even the randomness that we cannot yet explain, beyond shape or form, there is design. The creative idea is the spark within everything that exists.
There is nothing that is untouched by Art or Design.

Shifting furniture, placing and arranging flowers in your house or laying out a garden and even how we put on our clothes are all part of the may ways we act as artists.
The way you write and even the way you speak or communicate is part of some kind of creative articulation of ideas, even if most of this seems to happen without much complexity of thought, everything happens by design, there is an elaborate and deliberate pattern at the most subtle level.

It is all music, it is all matter and it is all in harmony with the divine Will. It is time we began understanding how this Willingness pr propensity to make things occurs. Many of the things we make or do, we tend to do them for functional purposes, but there are things that we do or create for pleasure and recreation and appreciation.

As thinking beings, we are endowed with all the faculties that predispose us to being creators, makers of things, dreamers of dreams,seers of visions and some of which may come true.
We either shape our environment or else it shapes us.
Our imagination, creativity and ability to put even our wildest thoughts to action is what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

It is time to ask yourself; just what kind of an Artist am I?
What are my designs and what is it that only I can do?
Our lives are part of the Cosmic Designers projection, but we have the capability to invent our own future and articulate our own vision.
We are part-takers in a theater of dreams and karmic reactions, we simply must strive to excel at our part.
We may not all get the opportunity to grasp the parts we play or to even practice or rehearse just how to play our roles, but as soon as we become conscious that we are all designers, that is when the work begins.
Seneca wrote: “Life’s like a play; it’s not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters.”

I have recently begun understanding my role, and my acting has been improving exponentially. There is even a brand new designer life that is already being created in my mind, when he is ready to come out and play, the world will stand up to marvel at his excellence.

Menzi Maseko


Published by greenankhworks

Life, Health, Prosperity I write; I Love and I Share Abundantly Township born, Galactic spawn

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