project focus

When Green Ankh Works begun, the initial aim was and still is to document, archive, contribute to the Creative and Cultural industry of KZN, Afrika and the rest of the Black world. Our music, visual, conceptual and literary arts need more spaces, our own exposure as opposed to the exploitative glare and spectacles of the authorities and unscrupulous trendsetters. Artists Must become Ever more Professional and we Will Set The Trends, Explore New Avenues and Engage in Critical Analyses and Co-Ownership of our Works.

We will remember and Celebrate the Contributions of Our Elders, Build bridges and Network Widely In Order to Fill These Pages with the Best That AFRIKA and the Global Black Community Has To Offer. We shall also Freely Mingle with People who share our Ideas of UBUNTU and Creative Spirit.

Our minds are teeming with ideas and some of these ideas never get to see the light of day. Those that do are hardly captured or written about sufficiently. Except for a few newspaper lines, some social media traffic and orally, there seems to be very few places to go to Find True Artistic Expression and Professionals who are Focused On Keeping The Flame Burning… as Nina Simone once sang: “I’m the keeper of the Flame …”

I say ‘WE ARE THE KEEPERS OF THE FLAME” …Our Ideas and Ideals are Shared by Many, yet we remain the vanguard, the Ancient Future Makers of Our own Destinies, Our Wealth, Our Health, Our WORKS are Inspired by the symbol of the Green Ankh ( ETERNAL LIFE).

(Photograph by: Sufi Don)