HairStories: undone and locked


Before I had dreadlocks I used to have relaxed hair, my mother would style me with ponytails, cornrows, da-brats (braids), singles, twist and what we called “amancanca” which are singles with your own hair. I’m not one for constant maintenance and upkeep of my hair and I grew tired of ukutyiwa yi-relaxer including the trips back and forth to the salon whenever my hair got dry. So I decided to go for a brush cut in order to raise an afro, even with that, I still used extension because it was so short and combing was a mission and I couldn’t wait for it to grow so braids were my friends.
Whenever I had extensions on my hair, 3 weeks was a blessing. I couldn’t wait to free my hair and do oo-1 or amagoda before bed or anytime, they always beat the combing process. Washing the hair was never…

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