what is afrikan economics

AFRIKONOMICS THEORY Posted on December 14, 2013 By Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu December 2013 Men are shaped by the economy and society they are born into. Dalton, 1975 A universal civilization requires a universal power, and therefore, for an African civilization to have universal power, it would have to have a strong African-oriented economic philosophy, rootedContinue reading “what is afrikan economics”

So What About Nature?

So What do we Not Write About? ARTS and Nature ( Isigaba Sokuqala ) Firstly there is Nature, and the way all the elements of Nature are felt and are treated by we the human race. Water, Food, Shelter and all the resources that we use to continue our explorative and exploitative lives; these areContinue reading “So What About Nature?”

The rebirth of a people

  “Although the beginnings of civilization of each country vary in time, the fundamental factors which gave impetus to each country to awaken and embark on the road to progress to reach their present level of development, are those qualities which are enshrined in the nature of man, namely desire and fortitude. The partner who placesContinue reading “The rebirth of a people”

Poems of Persistence

If they give you ruled paper write the other way-Juan Ramón Jiménez

Sonia G Poetry Bandit

Stealing the words that float upon the air of silence that reflect upon me


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