“The Concept of Mind in Science Fiction”


The review series on Brian Stableford’s Opening Minds continues.

Review: “The Concept of Mind in Science Fiction“, Brian Stableford, ca. 1976.Opening Minds

Science fiction tends to deal with the same wishes and anxieties over and over. Only the enabling technology and scientific theories used by the writer to rationalize their fantasies changes. Invisible men use to drink liquids. Now fiber optics and microprocessors and smart fabrics do the same. No more brain transplants for immortality. You record the information in the brain and move it to a new media. And so forth.

Given the increased activity in the area of consciousness studies, artificial intelligences, and information technology, this essay could stand some serious updating since I think this is one of the few areas where science and technology have actually led to new wishes and anxieties.

Stableford starts out by noting that, however much Descartian dualism, that there’s a…

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