encounters with music

there is no inspiration in things

everything is floating in dark space

and when we randomly collide

Light Happens

Life happens …

Close the door

sit down

listen to this silence

where did it go?

before the music, breathe in

and let the sound take you

there is no one but you

in this space

you and the story-filled music

the bow


on the eternal present tense

as we begin to write the stories of our lives

the loneliness is shattered by presences

the lessons of life are sustained

by the trauma the pain of the collision of time, space and thought

misdiagnosed sound

the pain

the thud and the grind

the poverty of explanations for the grooves

many find themselves in

the body of work

the toll on the body

the body of water

embodied evidence of mans ignorance

the mishearing

the unseeing

up close and personal with the unsightly

Silence Before and After the music

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