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Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu
Managing Director: Mepho Publishing Group
Editor-in-Chief: Inqaba Journal

One of the most difficult chapters of African history to understand and place in perspective is the one which involves the developing relations between Africa and Europe after 1400. From that general period onward, Africa, previously encompassing great societies whose influence was felt abroad and whose innovative characteristics greatly enriched African culture, was eclipsed at the very time when certain European states not only achieved national unity but made great technological advances that led to an overseas expansion which further increased Europe’s economic and technological capacities. Much of this progress resulted from years of trade with Africans for gold which helped to finance European technological advance and overseas expansion (Joseph E. Harris, Africans and Their History, 1972).

The encounter between ancient Egyptian civilization and Greco-Roman civilization created a unique fusion of cultures which benefitted both civilizations…

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