Hereafter, To Venerate Snowden

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By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017 Never, to live with his kind The beloved ones, left behind The establishment, threatens! The country, he must abandon! Pregnant, with forensic truth He must preserve it, like sleuth Tropospheric, across the globe Sanctuary, for fugitive! Despite passport, abortive! Secure, like sealed envelope…

Kuyoze Kube Nini?

In due time, I shall write a review of these two important books that I hired from the Library. I will be using the appropriate language of IsiZulu, as they are written in that beautiful idiomatic and magical language, I may later translate or summarize my thoughts in English. Suffice to say, these books containContinue reading “Kuyoze Kube Nini?”

Heavens So Far Yet So Near In this article I briefly discuss the pros and cons of Afrikan peoples embrace and assimilation into the religion and cultural artifacts and practices of ancient Israel. I am fully aware that there are many Black people who since the late 50’s began calling themselves African Hebrew Israelites and of the existence of theContinue reading “Heavens So Far Yet So Near”

We the people …

Curtis Mayfield, the prolific late Afrikan American singer/songwriter made a lot of groundbreaking music. In the latter part of his brilliant career he had continued his insightful warnings and inspirational messages to the human race and to Black people in particular. In one of his songs he croons plaintively in his emphatic falsetto, “We theContinue reading “We the people …”


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 ON INTEGRAL AFRIKOLOGY Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu Managing Director: Mepho Publishing Group Editor-in-Chief: Inqaba Journal One of the most difficult chapters of African history to understand and place in perspective is the one which involves the developing relations between Africa and Europe after 1400. From that general period…

Seasons As Teachers

Kevy Michaels