WORDS INSIDE: Books, Marginalia and Technology

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Civil Society Notes by the photographer Reason: Studying for PhD Published 2008, notes in same year ===== Pedagogy of the Oppressed Notes by photographer Reason: Studying for PhD, logging quotes Book purchased second hand, already contained some notes (not shown) ===== Of…

Ancient Future Sounds

Knowledge production in Afrika is second-nature. We make stories, images and music as if by default, or is it all by design? Within the Afrocentric school of thought there are as many artists, orators and researchers as there are scientists, designers as there are technocrats. The celebrated writer Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie is absolutely correct when sheContinue reading “Ancient Future Sounds”

Rastafari Trade Routes: Part 1

I have been a Rastafari devotee for more than a decade, like many brothers and sisters in the movement/faith/lifestyle, I have faced many challenges and weathered many storms. The most difficult battles have been wither within the family institution and the state.  The difficulties that one experiences from society in general are negligible compared toContinue reading “Rastafari Trade Routes: Part 1”

My Presentation at 2017 Essence Festival

Esoteric Africa Masterclass: Afrikans In Science Fiction Facilitator: Menzi Maseko Organisations:  Green Ankh Works/ CineCulture / Mercurial Africa Dates: 30 September 2017 (?) Time: 3pm Venue: Mangosuthu University of Technology (?) The Guideline: What is the purpose behind studying Esoteric African works? Which subjects did you do in high school and which institution did youContinue reading “My Presentation at 2017 Essence Festival”

Changing Reels Ep. 14 – Upstream Color

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In episode 14 of Changing Reels, we dive into Shane Carruth’s experimental science fiction drama Upstream Color. The film is a love story revolving around two individual who find themselves inexplicably drawn together after being the victim of an unthinkable crime. Exploring themes of memory and identity, and featuring brilliant…

Seasons As Teachers

Kevy Michaels