There is something so alive about the dead

In the infamous Ancient ciKemetic/Egyptian Book of the Dead, which should be known as the Pert em rhu or Coming Forth by Day or the Book of Awakening there are various chapters written as rituals for the living and the dead. The ancient Egyptian traditions are very similar to what is still practiced by AmaZuluContinue reading “There is something so alive about the dead”

God Did This To You …

“The creativity and pathology of the human mind are, after all, two sides of the same medal coined in the evolutionary mint …something has gone wrong …man is predisposed towards self-destruction. The search for the causes of that deficiency starts with the Book of Genesis and has continued ever since.” – Arthur Koestler, The Ghost InContinue reading “God Did This To You …”

Liberating voices from our past

One of the most influential books in my intellectual and activist life has been W.E.B. Du Bois’s The Souls of Black Folk: Essays and Sketches, published in 1903. This book not only opened my eyes wider to the challenge of racial justice but also endowed me with the tools I needed in order to discernContinue reading “Liberating voices from our past”

Up for air, Down for the money

chorus: deep into the core we keep digging for more so what, if we’ve died a million times at least we tried   someone deep in our tangled past decided that wealth was stronger than death the lie was repeated enough times we now take it as indisputable fact so true is our belief inContinue reading “Up for air, Down for the money”

imibhalo yezinyanga

ngalamazwi uzobusa ngalemisho uyobusiswa shono phela mlobi wezimfihlo kwashona bani wavusa wena nethestamente elisha sha? gazi leminikelo mithi yemi- hla ngeminhla, zintelezi nemi- hlambezo mikhuleko nenhlambuluko migidi namahubo migcabo nemishanguzo mihla  namalanga mibhalo yezinyanga empeleni kawusiyo Mbongi bheka zandile nezinyosi zitinyela kwasani noNgangezwe ukwesobukhosi zifakazile nezanusi thina balobi singofakazi bokuhle nokubi izehlo ngezehlo, izinsizi namabika,Continue reading “imibhalo yezinyanga”

Seasons As Teachers

Kevy Michaels