kuyahlangana okwahlukaniswa emandulo

Kuyathokozisa ukuthi lolulwazi ngiphende ngiluthole sengihlala eZimbabwe, eHarare. Lomsebenzi weAfrikology / Izifundo ZoBuntu bethu, ubaluleke kakhulu. Ngiyathokoza ukuthola ukuthi kukhona izakhamuzi zalelizwe ezenza lomsebenzi ngokuzimisela onkungaka. Empeleni Isintu nabafundisi baso bathe chithisaka kwizwekazi elibizwa nge Afrika/ Kham/ Ta – Neter.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Here I am sharing something I gleaned from the net. These are the words of Kate Raworth from her website Exploring Doughnut Economics. I am keenly interested in people who propagate new ways of viewing and doing economics and guiding social change. Although I am more Afrocentric and tend to promote ideas by people ofContinue reading “Ideas Worth Sharing”

Knowledge Reigns Supreme

I have never seen this interview until now, but I overstand why it did not trend. The society we live in today is allergic of the truth. The real human truth, the GOD truth which is beyond our coloured struggles and racial biases and delusions and illusions of supremacy. What KRS says here is tooContinue reading “Knowledge Reigns Supreme”

Ancient BaNtu Connection: Kamitic/Kemetic Color Symbolism and African Cosmology

Originally posted on LandofKam's Blog:
Post originally appeared on the Land of Kam website: Never Forget It Began in Kamit The debate over the ethnicity of the Kamitic/Kemetic people should be laid to rest by now, but the reason it isn’t is because Western academia (despite the overwhelming evidence against their ridiculous claim) is…

Where Are The Servants of the People?


Black Science and Black Science Fiction

“he warped time and space to deliver a message to eternity.” – Early Samuel R. Delaney Delaney won the Nebula prize his science fiction novella Babel 17 in 1966, and won the Nebula and the Hugo Award for his 1968 novella titled, Time Considered as a Helix of Semi Precious Stones, and his monumental novelContinue reading “Black Science and Black Science Fiction”

Re-Afrikanization or Another Dead End?

“My heart yearns for the glory of an Africa that is gone. But I shall labour for the birth of a new Africa, free and great among the nations of the world.” – Anton Lembede “Many African nationalists do believe that Western imperialism was an exercise in divide and rule. The argument sometimes sounds likeContinue reading “Re-Afrikanization or Another Dead End?”

Seasons As Teachers

Kevy Michaels