Influence, Inspiration, Impact

The day has been truly awesome. There is a certain magic to living in the moment, yet knowing when to do and when not to do certain things is crucial. How does a musician improvising decide which chord to strike, and how does a visual artist know the appropriate stroke in the process of creation? These are some of the questions among many, that are dealt with in the creative art schools and the entire sphere of the artistic sphere. They have been answered many times, yet few can explain the birthplace of intuitive intelligence. Is it the mind or is it from the heart, what does it have to do with biology or anatomy, could it simply be a matter of practiced skill mixed with environmental inspiration or stimulation? These are not mysteries, these things can be known. But are they worth knowing?

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Revolutionary Lover of Green Ankhs, Ma'at, Poetry, Justice and Social Music

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Seasons As Teachers

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