Solutions Have Always Been With Us

Green Ankh Works

It has long become tedious and utterly painful to watch, read or listen to the news. There is hardly ever any good news coming out of Afrika. Yes, there are publications, journalists and even social media groups that are dedicated to sharing the good news about Afrika, and they are appreciated, but the overwhelming daily news is about the status quo of crime, death, corruption and a crippling moral decay, where women are the daily victims of horrendous crimes. The more Afrikan literature I read, the more I find that much of the solutions we seek to our common challenges have long been given.

A great number of our best intellectuals, in every discipline from anthropology, political sciences, poetry, mysticism, natural sciences, arts such as music and visual imagery to engineering have offered us clear and feasible solutions to almost every conceivable problem we face today.

I am not talking…

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