Whither Sacred Afrika?

We seek a way of being which is Afrika centred and in tune with Nature. But the world we inhabit seems to draw us further away from such elements. The education that we and our offspring receive from mainstream society does not elevate or promote Afrikan knowledge, history or even visions of ourselves into the future. This we have to seek, create and maintain for ourselves. Green Ankh Works is just one thread in a network of Afrikological connectivity. We strive to make Ubuntu and Afrikan Science fact, history and imagined tomorrows attractive and useful to present and future Afrikans. We also seek to heal the relationship between Black women and men.

According to the Dogon people of Mali, all the relatives on the father’s side are Amma (God) and all the relatives on the mother’s side are Nommo ( the Universe in all its dualities and complex cosmic qualities), thus indicating the first expression of the principle of twin-ness which equates God with ‘his’ creation. On the other hand, for any given individual, all his or her uterine kin represent femininity and all paternal kin masculinity. A man calls all women who are uterine kin, whatever their age, mother (na); he calls all adult men of his patrileneal kin father (ba). It is the same in many other Afrikan ‘nations’, umuntu wesilisa unguBaba, owesifazane unguMama- wonke umuntu ungumuntu ngabanye AbaNtu. There is a sacred essence to this which follows a cosmic pattern as was received throughout our migrations from the Great Lakes, the Nile Valley, across the Zambezi, the Kongo all the way down to AbaThwa of the Southernmost regions of this bleeding continent. The bloodletting will soon cease and a new way is being born.

According to secular/popular culture, the month of August is designated as Women’s  Month. We are encouraged to reflect and promote all things concerning women. Unfortunately Afrika is undergoing a painful and debilitating period of femicide. Females of all ages and persuasions are being raped, molested and killed at an alarming rate. Just yesterday, there was yet another National Day of Prayer. Much of the day was spend lamenting the spate of anti-women violence. While the underlying causes of all this are known, the religious leaders, mostly Christian have long identified the root cause to be that of Spiritual discord prevailing in our society. While all women fall victim to violence at the hands of mostly men that they know or are intimate with, there is also crime founded on an antiblack and colonial past which is still with us. It also appears that it is mostly Black women who still bear the worst scars. This has further complicated relations between our men and women and makes solidarity very difficult.The spell can only be broken when white supremacy is dismantled. There will be no peace until justice is restored.

Our Indigenous wisdom tells us that Women have always been the sacred keepers of the balance of our lives. It is not just the Goddesses and their mythological fabulous tales, although important, it is also in the traditions captured in our rituals and cultural practices which are fading yet still strong in some parts. The following link include a Roundtable discussion by scholars and anthropologists interrogating the complexities,adaptations and interpretations of The City of 201 Gods, by  Olidupon, in relation to womens agency and power. It is a glimpse into the Yoruba divination systems. It is worth looking into for anyone interested in finding out more about the compelling system of Orisa’ and linking up the reality to the one of the sacred Afrikan sciences.

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