Black Consciousness: beyond violence and MLK’s Mountaintop

Fragments from a 2017/18 Notebook: Our Lives are not just the antithesis of humanity. Humanity should refer to all peoples on the face of the earth, but experience has taught us to be wary of definitions which practically alienate others. for too long the Black has been treated like an other. We have come aContinue reading “Black Consciousness: beyond violence and MLK’s Mountaintop”

Black Unconsciousness

Black Love, Black Joy, Black Pain, Black Straining  Forth Against The Typhoon of Structured race-isms. Black Excellence scaling up a White Wall of slippery conditions: ignorance, hype, Uncle Toms and race Blindness, Judicial lore, Jesuit erections and White Savior Mythologies. Miracles Over God. God Over Knowledge. Men of God over Wisdom of Self, Ancestry andContinue reading “Black Unconsciousness”

Slaying Sacred Cows For Trans-formative Feasts

Ubuntu and Jazz have been misappropriated and misused, how do we rescue them from the hands of unscrupulous opportunists? This morning, at about 3.30 am after changing baby’s nappies, I just could not sleep, so I put on my earphones to listen to some music I’d downloaded from You Tube. Since I am learning toContinue reading “Slaying Sacred Cows For Trans-formative Feasts”

Ancestral Solutions to Present, Future Challenges

“In a spiritual tradition that believes the ancestors live on, watching over the living, the belief in vadzimu holds that ancestral spirits can choose to return, in times of family or national crisis, through living mediums. Nehanda, a royal ancestral spirit, is one who has come back again and again, answering the needs of theContinue reading “Ancestral Solutions to Present, Future Challenges”

Poems of Persistence

If they give you ruled paper write the other way-Juan Ramón Jiménez

Sonia G Poetry Bandit

Stealing the words that float upon the air of silence that reflect upon me


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