Rocking The Rulers

While I am currently writing my second book of essays,there seems to be a compulsion towards actually re-writing, perfecting and publishing my first book Rock ‘n Rule for a much wider audience. In that collection of notes and poems from my journals, I seem to have dealt with very important and socially relevant issues in a rather unprofessional or harpharzad way. Somehow I know I could have done better. The other part of me tells me I should just let it go and tell new stories. Foremost in this new collection which I tentatively call The House of Plenty is the complete liberation of Afrikan peoples from psychological, economic and spiritual slavery. These are daunting tasks which would require at least three or more seperate volumes. I am also keenly aware that what I wish to accomplish in these writings requires more than literature, speeches or educational programming. We as Black people have to work extra hard on new community or socialization projects. New schools, trades, commerce and even a common language freed from our various colonial shackles. We have had various teachers, activists or liberators yet our condition in the global scheme of things appears to more dire. The suffocating tentacles of structural racism as well as relogious propaganda appear to be squeezing more life out of us as a “people”. It is not hard to tell just how socially and economically marginalised Black people are globally, yet we have among us many individuals who excel in every conceivable realm from business to culture/creativity as well as ideological clarity yet what we lack, in the words of Kwame Toure, is “Unity Of Purpose” …

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