My Reflections On End of The World Theories circa 2012

This was originally posted on one of my older blogs;; while I was a member of the Black Radical Revolutionary movement called September National Imbizo; I was also a priest in the Rastafarian movement called Nyahbinghi Theocratic Order of Melchizedeck, based in Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal and General Secretary of the Nowadays Poets and SlamContinue reading “My Reflections On End of The World Theories circa 2012”

Books Worth Knowing About

Khaya Maseko’s Mashu Omusha (A Speculative/Afrikan Science Fiction Novella) Mashu oMusha is a science fiction novella, based in the township of Kwa-Mashu in Kwa-Zulu. It is a special book since there is very little, if any Sci-Fi from the townships of South Africa. This story explores various scientific, spiritual and political concepts. Themes range fromContinue reading “Books Worth Knowing About”

Quotations from Rock ‘n Rule: The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko

“The most delightful thing about the Law is that it cannot be manipulated or bent to favour the rich and torment the poor. It is a priceless seed implanted within the hearts of all creatures. It is well preserved like an expertly cut diamond alive with the infinite sparkle of Divine Lustre.” – Abiding ByContinue reading “Quotations from Rock ‘n Rule: The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko”

Poems of Persistence

If they give you ruled paper write the other way-Juan Ramón Jiménez

Sonia G Poetry Bandit

Stealing the words that float upon the air of silence that reflect upon me


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