Khanya Ceza on hearing Ayanda Sikade’s Drumming and Compositions

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Painting and depicting a frame of mind , jocundity and joviality upon frenzies and flimsy harness of a people , who came for while and left us , who played their part and left us inspired to play a symbol that resonates actively in our soul . Raising a narrative ,…

A Note on Zimbabwe Education

This note is partly lifted from a newspaper article written by Simon Bere ( The Financial Gazette – Zim – March 29 – April 4, 2018), titled ‘Transforming Zimbabwean Higher Education for better economic performance’. “A closer analysis will reveal Zimbabwe’s current education system is the problem. The system is flawed both in content andContinue reading “A Note on Zimbabwe Education”

Let’s Talk About Sex, soon

Far from being taboo in traditional Afrikan society, at least until the corrosive influence of Western/Eurocentric Christian norms; the subject of sex and sexuality has always permeated our songs, rites of passage and conversations. I am making this mental note just to say, as soon as I learn to write better than I currently do,Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex, soon”

Music, Magic and Social Transformation

Can music really change the world? Yes, if we consider music to be more than just ideas translated into waves of sound and performances. There is something in music even for those who do not have the capacity to hear or listen. Technology is advancing towards ensuring that everyone can be able to at leastContinue reading “Music, Magic and Social Transformation”

Change and Resistance

“The well based resistance to change which is usually for the worse, explains the obvious reticence of officialdom to release information, because the silent approach offers the greatest prospect of getting the obviously unacceptable accepted, if at all possible.” – John Page in Protest at Urban Environment from Protest and Discontent (The Nature and CausesContinue reading “Change and Resistance”

The Calling:Revolutionary Practice

This draft essay is part of my Notes for The House of Plenty*, a collection of interviews, articles, poems and other insights highlighting the confluences, interconnections and potential convergences of struggles and potentialities in the Southern African Developmental Community. While the primary focus is on the Creative and Cultural industries, as a matter of necessityContinue reading “The Calling:Revolutionary Practice”

Seasons As Teachers

Kevy Michaels