A Note on Zimbabwe Education

This note is partly lifted from a newspaper article written by Simon Bere ( The Financial Gazette – Zim – March 29 – April 4, 2018), titled ‘Transforming Zimbabwean Higher Education for better economic performance’.

“A closer analysis will reveal Zimbabwe’s current education system is the problem. The system is flawed both in content and structure as well as in the strategic, structural and operational dimensions. The current system is mass producing graduates for the sake of producing educated people. It is a tactical system operating on a protocol of recruiting as many students as one can accommodate …”

I shall revisit this article and in order to find some sustainable solutions for both Zimbabwe and the rest of the SADC region. The primary focus will be how to use the Indigenous Knowledge Systems at our disposal, including Afrikonomics, Afrikology and Ecological economic progress models to usher in a new and decolonized way of being for we the people.

How Afrika Can Develop Itself

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