Khanya Ceza on hearing Ayanda Sikade’s Drumming and Compositions

Inspired by Sounds


Ayanda Sikade1

Painting and depicting a frame of mind , jocundity and joviality upon frenzies and flimsy harness of a people , who came for while and left us , who played their part and left us inspired to play a symbol that resonates actively in our soul . Raising a narrative , our senses of color , smell, senses of hearing and thoughts, hirding a call for us to remember the music beneath our feet and above our heads , the demand , pain ,
joy much joy and suffering endured by musician in their own space , the treatment of scholars of jazz and African musics, I pain to see his eyes closed in imagination the future musicians , her yening for perfection and good livelihood, but his seriousness on honing and honed craft , the love for the calling the dedication ,
I stood on the trunk of the…

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