Capitalism Creates Rather Than Solves Social Problems

It has been demonstrated that capitalist social relations have shown a historical tendency towards crisis. This manifests itself in events such as the Great Depression, the 1970’s stagflation and the Great Recession. Capitalism is inherently crisis-prone as a system be cause of the nature of its competitive dynamics and the exploitation of working people inherent in these competitive dynamics.

How then do Afrikan leaders, governments and corporations plan to win ( compete successfully) in a system that not only excludes them but actually works against us?

There have been several solutions offered through books as well as revolutionary political movements. All such alternatives to corrosive and repressive capitalism often appear unrealistic to the audiences to which they are presented. People want what is tangible and they are focussed on personal material as well as social gains …We shall explain just what people centred interventions have been used effectively to highlight or illustrate just how fallible the capitalist system is.

One book offers: “Reflecting the books emphasis on the social constitution of the economy and society, it rejects top-down attempts to impose an alternative to capitalism by political means and argues that anti-capitalist action should take a bottom-up, which requires democratic and pluralistic experimentation with different models of soci0-economic organisation to expand the space in which non-capitalist activity takes place.” –

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