4 thoughts on “Racism Is The Offspring of Capitalism. They Can Both Be Changed

    1. Thanks for your comment. My history as a Black South African clearly illustrates just how capitalism not only colludes with capitalism but precedes it in every colony, particularly in Africa. What I am saying is also illustrated in the film that depicts how capitalist interests in have since the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade conspired to disenfranchise the Black and Brown people while it has benefited White people. Perhaps you need me to post you some links of studies that prove my point from as early as the 19th to the 20th century and the present. But suffice to point you to the work of W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk. This work from around 1910 painstakingly explains just how racism is largely a matter of power relations based on unequal capitalist competition and heavily racist in its very nature. Yes, capitalism also affects non-Black people globally but the scale is tipped against non-White folks globally.

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      1. Your history as a black person or otherwise is simply, “your historic perception”.

        Watching a movie made by globalist to propagandize a racism narrative that simultaneously undermines true capitalism so they may profit off both simply makes them dishonest capitalist and you one of their deceived promoters.

        Lets us look at real history as accepted and theorized by historians and archaeologist alike, rather than plucking aspects of history to create a specious statement someone dishonestly wants to called- “truth”.

        To do this we need to establish a common ground instead of trying to bridge what may quickly become a polemic conversation that would seemingly support the false narrative of a divide between all whites and everyone of color.

        Experts in humanity currently state all of human kind was birthed out of Africa.
        Q1. are we in agreement of this Fact ?


  1. We are in agreement regarding the birthplace of humanity and human beings. But the topic at hand is racism and capitalism working hand in hand with other prejudicial ideologies and systems to disenfranchise so called people of Colour, I am speaking on Black people in particular. The film if you watched It, clearly depicts from a very basic street level how the African American community during a particular era responded to the structural racism created by the hyper-masculine and anti-black system of America’s capitalism.
    These are not isolated incidents. I highlight that as a Black South African I have first hand empirical experience of how racism and capitalist disorganization of our lives affected us.
    What you see as just a subjective perception is actually historically sound and objective truth or facts if you like. But since we perceive and experience the world from diverse vantage points (privileged and underprivileged) it is rare that we may agree.


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