Words Like Worlds Must Flourish

Green Ankh Works

“When the Ivory Coast poet Bernard B. Dadie’ writes: “Stars in profusion, pure as the eyes of Sages, will be as brilliant as the destiny of men.” this is not a description of a future occurance, but an invocation of it. The stars are to shine. The event is created in the vision. The vision is always an imperative addressed to time; the future is commanded how it is to be. For ‘time-and-space-in-one’, Hantu, constitutes a force of its own and is as such, like all forces, subject to the command of the muntu. Thus when he puts his vision even back into the past, the poet is commanding time, as if the order were already executed and irrevocably accomplished. In the alternation of future, imperfect and present, the incantation acquires its greatest force and becomes a single imperative:

Farmer strike the soil with your daba:

in the soil there…

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