We Are Jazz, and Jazz is us.

The African Journal

I often get asked: “Aren’t you too young to be listening to this boring old people’s music?” My immediate answer is: “It is only boring to ears that hear but fail to listen, if you could spend some few minutes attentively listening, your soul would be aroused in ways you’ve never imagined.” The truth is that there is nothing boring about Jazz, and it is not old people’s music. I refer to jazz as ‘an art form meant for the soul.’

I was in Grade 10 and 15 years of age when I first fell in love with Jazz. One of my uncles used to sell pirated music in public areas, and so we used to collect various genres of music so he could cater for all types of his customers. At the time I was a huge Deep House head. I used to know almost every new song, EP…

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