Covid-19 diaries: Afrikan Peoples Responses

The celebrated late Ghanaian poet Kofi Awonoor, whose books include ‘The African Predicament’,’The Promise of Hope’, ‘Comes The Voyager At Last’, ‘Ride Me, Memory’, ‘Until the morning after’, ‘Guardians of the Sacred Word: Ewe Poetry’ to name but a few; once wrote in his more famous book ‘This Earth, My Brother’: “What has Africa toContinue reading “Covid-19 diaries: Afrikan Peoples Responses”

Surviving COVID-19 in a fragile state: why social resilience is essential

Originally posted on zimbabweland:
The article below appeared on African Arguments’ Debating Ideas blog last Friday. As of 29 March there were 7 cases, and no further deaths. But there is little doubt that the impending situation in Zimbabwe is serious, and the government is unable to respond. The tragic death of Zororo Makamba was…

Sankofaring With Nkrumah

I am currently reading devoutly a book by Kwame Nkrumah. This particular copy of African Must Unite, is actually signed by none other than Nkrumah’s daughter Sanna, with these words written before her signature, “Our father reminded us that this is our mission.” This copy of Nkrumah’s fourth book, published in 1964 and reprinted againContinue reading “Sankofaring With Nkrumah”

devout sprout – a rap song

10th of October 2019 jumped off the Hyundai stretching my spleen was bumping Madlib meditating on the Green checking out the violets an daisies along the way was on the highway when the thought hit me nothing worth the while really comes easily unless your spiritual practice is really in tune otherwise everything we sayContinue reading “devout sprout – a rap song”

Poems of Persistence

If they give you ruled paper write the other way-Juan Ramón Jiménez

Sonia G Poetry Bandit

Stealing the words that float upon the air of silence that reflect upon me


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