African Opportunities Presented by Covid-19

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African Opportunities Presented by Covid-19
By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulumathabo

The thought provoking article The Pandemic Can Be a Catalyst for Decolonisation in Africa by David Mwambari of Aljazeera TV inspired me to reflect deeply about how the Covid-19 could be a disguised backdoor opportunity for the gutsy; risk taking and enterprising sons and daughters of the African Motherland who must retake their inalienable role as the unbought and unsold architects of destiny to dutifully seize the opportunity to deal a coup de grace to the vestigial chains of colonial conquest so that they can vibrate as they were intended to vibrate in accordance with the sacrosanct vibration of the erudite African ancestors who have gone before us.

1024px-Coronavirus_virion_structure.svg.pngA rendered image of enveloped SARS Cov2 (a corona virus that engenders a respiratory condition that causes Covid-19 disease). Picture Credit: SPQR10, Binte altaf, Wikipedia.

If we fail to seize this…

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