Compassion / Uzwelo

The Underground Disciple

– Written by Menzi Maseko :

“Among those who would seek or want social change, despair is endemic now. There is a lack of hope that is tied to many kinds of powerlessness. We find repeating patterns of suffering and burgeoning philosophies of fear and hatred. Not to speak of the failure of dreams. Can Imagination Save Us?” – Susan Griffin (Whole Earth Review in UTNE Reader*, 1996)

The above words paint a picture of hopelessness, a world where many of the people who have tried to affect the world in a positive way simply find themselves burned out and failing. The writer was also trying to find a way to inspire, to light up the flame of resolution and fearless dedication. But in a world that tends to reward corruption, benefitting the thieves, rapists, misogynists and all types of unrighteous behavior it has become even harder to persevere with…

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