Izibalo – the music of mathematics

Once He realised that Heart could only take him thus far …having bitterly remembered the words of his primary school teacher Mr Madonsela; “Ngaphandle kwalezizibalo awusoze waphumelella mfana wami. Kubambe lokhu, izibalo ziyikho konke emhlabeni.”- Quality decisions had to be taken. He paused to reminisce. Somehow he knew that the solutions of his present and future challenges lay in the past. He thought of the Sankofa bird sysmbolism. Everything was semiotic. He reflected on many of his dreams, about how he simply couldn’t recollect many of the important ones, visions that not only felt like building blocks to the house of his ehhh, dreams. They seemed like ruined palaces, or broken and ineffective bridges across life’s raging rivers. There were dreams which he would remember quite well, clear as a bell, so clear that he even neglected to write them down in his journals.

Had Heart and experience not taught him that patterns were as important as the mathematics his brain couldn’t quite grasp, had Heart not assured him that as long as he could remember certain sequences the whole sacred geometry of his existence would simply fall in place like any puzzle?

Inspite of all the relative successes in his life, Mr Madonsela’s words regarding the supremacy of mathematics still haunted him …stalking him through home, work and even through various relationships … It often seemed that every thing needed to be calculated appropriately in order for it to take its most meaningful form, I order to reach its fullfillingness. There goes that word again; a word which he only shared with the physically blind yet visionary balladeer Stevie Wonder. Whatever happened to Fullfillingness the 2nd Suite? Had the legendary lyricist abandoned the idea of a second suite or could it be that certain records take their final form even in apparent incompleteness?

Add a link to Stevie Wonder’s album, Fullfillingness: The First Finale, plus some lyrics from the most evocative songs therein.

Music too seemed to have suffered from his lack of mathematical accuracy. Surely it was not just the algebra or the arithmetic that his brain couldn’t grasp, he loved the science of numbers and had even grappled with numerology and other occult sciences, but his struggles in the accounting class during high school firmly reminded him that hard as he tried, mathematical calculations were just not his thing. His long suffering Mother had put him into afterschool classes, hiring tutors who had the utmost patience and warmest approaches, yet still as hard as he tried- numbers just eluded him, there was something just beyond the reach of his brain – a scattered brain in the most proverbial sense … somehow he also knew that it waz never too late to transform his brainpower – all he ever needed was to exert himself and become diligent in each task. Both the music, the relationships, his very existence depended on him finally cracking the numerical patterns – his dreamlike as well as his waking life depended on it. Wake up and work on it while it counts.

Humour and numbers ….There is a relationship there. If you can catch or create an effective joke, surely you could crack some numbers. That is not to say that comedians are mathematical prodigies, but there must be some kind of left/right brain affinities between an expertly calculated joke and success in numbers- perhaps a little research on the educational biographies of the most successful pranksters and wittiest comedians is in order. Surely not every Fool is a complete clown. Why was he suddenly thinking of Prince’s song “Joy In Repitition”?

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