Ring Out A Chant From Ithiopia

“THEY want her to be quiet and close her mouth / They want to treat her like a very large bank account/ I know she dont want to be no apostrophe ….head and I heart in unity / She’s rocking the world from antiquity / Richter scale yo youre never gonna fail no …” : – Midnite

This is a reminder to myself that I shall soon write a tribute and analytical essay looking at the music, lyrical content and meaning of the band Midnite, the lead singer later known as Akae Beka as well and the band itself.

While I should focus on the work ( the music and the message of Rastafari according to this recently belated lyricist, I also hope to search into the band’s fusion or composition from the Brother Ron Benjamin’s bass playing and production to the reception of this band by audiences in globally.

There is something truly remarkable going on here. It is Reggae from a deeper well or source. The surface reveals the usual reverence that Rastafari have for the God-King, but it has never been presented with such remarkable dexterity ….

It is the sound, the lyrics and presentation that really is displayed mostly on the first few albums (Unpolished; Jubilees of Zion, Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance, He Is Jah etc) ….

We shall get to it soon.

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