Sankofaring With Nkrumah

I am currently reading devoutly a book by Kwame Nkrumah. This particular copy of African Must Unite, is actually signed by none other than Nkrumah’s daughter Sanna, with these words written before her signature, “Our father reminded us that this is our mission.” This copy of Nkrumah’s fourth book, published in 1964 and reprinted again from 1972 onwards was gifted to our esteemed organisation, the Institute of Afrikology by Ms Nkrumah herself. She handed it to the Director of the institute Yaa Ashantewaa-Archer-Ngidi in the year 2019 during her South Afrikan visit.

Towards the final pages of this very important book, Nkrumah confesses’ “I have been accused of pursuing ‘a policy of the impossible’, But I cannot believe in the impossibility of achieving African union any more than I could ever have thought of the impossibility of attaining African freedom. When I came back to Ghana in 1947 to take a leading part in the anti-colonial struggle, I was dubbed an ‘irresponsible agitator’. Independence at that time looked a long way off. None of us really imagined that by 1962 most of the African countries would have thrown off political domination an embarked upon their own national existence as sovereign states. But that did not stop us from going forward with our efforts, buoyed by the certainty of ultimate victory. And it has come, as I said, much sooner than anticipated. This is how I feel about African union.

Toay more than ever, Afrikan activists are agitating for the very ideas that Nkrumah and other pan-Afrikanists fought so hard for. The language of Regional Integration, Inter and Intra-Afrikan trade must now bear the requisite fruits. But How?


devout sprout – a rap song

10th of October 2019

jumped off the Hyundai stretching my spleen

was bumping Madlib meditating on the Green

checking out the violets an daisies along the way

was on the highway when the thought hit me

nothing worth the while really comes easily

unless your spiritual practice is really in tune

otherwise everything we say and do is going through

the multiple dualities of infinitude

positive an negative out coming in and out goes the finished

in comes the nu’

we see n hear it everyday in the papers and the news

crimes and punishments nothing’s really new

all except for change – unless your intention rearrange

the universal order causes an effects

even these stories we tell are really ust

an echo of eternities sounding bell

calling us to church, gathering or temples

calling us to order or cannon fodder

opening up the hearts and opening up the borders

the bell tolls for thee an the trumpet sounds for me

we are just in different places going through the paces

two hands moving on the time-less face

biological clocking perfect timing when the beat knocks

when love calls we all answer

if we don’t we all suffer

the door swings out the mirror’s two faces

karma come again with renewed ancestral traces





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