The Meanings of Reggae Music

To attain a sound appreciation of Reggae music requires a Sankofa mentality. To realize Afrika’s place in the geo-economic-political-spiritual shaping of the world. One has to have roots that reach deep into the crevices of the blood fertilized earth and have a sense of the magnificent greatness of the Creators of the galaxies. The troubled waters and towns of the Island that first offered us this gift of soul reaching and universal Sound System, is a troubled piece of land. Home to a confluence of peoples from the East, South, West and North. Remnants of former enslaved Afrikans to and from the commercial centered of Babaylon, the unCivilized world that continues to profit from drinking the blood of the innocent

Reggae has become larger than itself, broader in outlook …yet what remains at its core and makes it unique, is the artists sense of Rootedness in the idea of Afrika, their devotion to themes of social justice, healthy lifestyles and freedom.

Livelihoods assets: differentiated development in Zimbabwe


Last week’s blog introduced this blog series on communal area development in Zimbabwe, and the comparisons with resettlement areas. This week’s blog continues the series with a look at the distribution of assets people have and their importance in building livelihoods.

Our four communal area sites across Masvingo province each have highly differentiated populations. We undertook a ‘success ranking’ in each, where local informants allocated each of the 608 households in our sample to a group (doing well, doing OK and failing), and explained the reasons behind their choice. In each case there was a majority in the bottom two categories, with relatively few in the top success group.

What were the criteria they used? These varied between sites. In the dryland areas of the Lowveld, cattle ownership was the key, alongside off-farm work, reflecting the importance of migration to South Africa in household economies. In the Gutu sites, crop…

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